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Fellō Cannabis – Here we are together

Created identity and branding for Fellō Cannabis, a small mid-west grower, who believes in the power of cannabis not just as a natural alternative to medicine, but also as a tool for ending the opioid crisis, creating jobs, stimulating the economy and lessening the racial and economic inequality perpetuated by the War on Drugs. At Fellō, we're in fellowship with all those who believe that regulated cannabis has the power to create a better world.

For far too long, cannabis users have been stereotyped.
Somehow, in the eyes of society, we’re all that hacky-sacking college kid

skipping class to smoke a joint on the quad.

But the reality is, we are patients managing pain.

We are moms taking control of our anxiety.

We are workaholics from the corner office, looking for a way to unwind.

We are from every background, every walk of life.

Some of us even juggle hacky sacks on the quad.

And yet, here we are together.

United if only by our belief in cannabis as a from-the-earth plant

that has the power to relieve people and revive communities.

We’re happy to be a part of this community. And hope you are too.


Fellō Cannabis. Here we are together.

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